Development, nourishment
and protection of the GIT

Animal Feed » BUTYPURE


Coated Sodium Butyrate 90%
ButyPure is a source of Sodium Butyrate with go% concentration which is coated, dust suppressed and deodorised in granule form. Its coating appreciates Sodium Butyrate’s efficacy, user-friendliness and odour control.
ButyPure is widely recognized for its role in the development, nourishment, and protection of the GIT.
In the immediate post hatch stage (6-10) small intestine and ceca grow at a rapid pace as compared to other visceral organs.
ButyPure is widely recognized as an instant and preferred source of energy for villi generation. It helps in increasing the villi length and crypt depth, which in turn results in ensured absorption and utilisation of the feed in the early hatch period.


Inclusion Rates : 500gm – 1 Kg / MT