Toxin-Fix contains extremely pure Clinoptilolite , which is one of the most effective Heulandite type of zeolite. It highly porous structure provides an extremely large surface area on which chemical reactions and cation exchanges can take place at a very high degree. It can absorb in credible amounts of water/liquid into its pores. Toxin Fix absorbs and binds Ammonium, Toxins, Mycotoxins and Heavy Metals like Ni, Pub, Hg and Cd, very efficiently and effectively.

Cation Exchange Capacity

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is a measure of the amount of cations (positively-charged ions) that a clay can catch. As Mycotoxins, Toxins, Heavy metals and Ammonium are all positively charged, they are all easily trapped by cation exchangers. Purity and CEC are the two vital parameters that define the quality of Zeolite mineral.

Toxin Fix as a Feed Additives

An Innovation Of Peelet Toxin Fix

According to the demands of fresh water fish and shrimp farmers in Southeast Asia, Holden Medical BV developed the pellet Toxin Fix product from its high quality one. The ingredient is only pure water and high quality Toxin Fix without any further additive. Pellet are activated and hardened at a very high temperature which increases the cation exchange capacity of the product. Toxin Fix can be used directly and can be easily spread to the ponds by farmers without generating dust. At the bottom of the pond it turns into powder form again and expands its surface area. Powder zeolite absorbs and toxins, toxic ammonia and heavy metals with a greater efficiency.


Clinoptilolite minimizes the negative effects of the aflatoxixins on the feed efficiency ratio, performance and consumption. Adding Toxin-Fix at the ratio of 0.5% in weight of the feed absorbs aflatoxins at a 97% rate. It eases digestion, provides feed efficiency ratio, performance and feed consumption.


Ammonia toxicity is one of the main causes of losses in fish hatcheries. The primary source of ammonia in aquaculture systems is fish feed and it is the principal waste product extracted by fish. Of all the water quality parameters which affect fish, ammonia is the most important after oxygen and in aquaculture it can cause direct death, and decrease in production and increase incidence of many diseases. Toxin Fix absorbs toxic ammonia at very high rate as high as 95%. It helps to decrease the toxicity level.


The Clinoptilolite molecules has shape like a honeycomb and carries natural negative charge which enables it to bind with positively charged Heavy Metals, Toxins and Harmful Metals like NI, Pb, Hg, Cd, Al, As and Cu


It acts as a great pellet binder and anti-caking agent in preparation of the feed. It decreases the breakages that occur during the storage and transportation of the pellets. It prevents the liquid oils, that are added in order to increase the ration energy, from being released and becoming oxidized during storage.

What Distinguises Toxin-Fix From Other Mycotoxin Binders ?


Descritpion :

Colour : Ivory White
Odour : Odourless
Texture : Pellets and Granulers
Packing : 25 Kg Bags
Storage : Keep in a cool, dry and well ventilated place. Store at room temperature in the original container, protect from light and heat.
Shelf life : 2 years after production date in the original unopened packed.


Add to the feed mixer together with other feed ingredients. Mix thoroughly and homogeneously. Compatible with all type of feed ingredients.
Unless your nutritionist does not advise different rate :
MIX: with the animal’s daily feed at the rate of 0.5 – 2 % by mass.