Holden Medical BV

Holden Medical BV is a company engaged in the Development, Production and Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products, Animal Health Products, Packaging material, Medical Equipment and Tools.

Holden is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and have their pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing site in Nashik, India. We have many years of experience in the production of pharmaceutical products…

holden factory
Holden has been supplier of Pharmaceuticals & Veterinary API over the years with competitive pricing and a value added service and support to our customers.

Holden is committed to developing innovative products that meets its target markets / customers.


We take care of logistics

Holden worldwide presence

who-gmp certification


CGMP-WHO accredited manufacturing unit located at Nashik, we are manufacturing Tablets and Capsules for Human use.

research team


With Holden’s research team in Netherland working on newest formulations that might help increase productivity of the livestock.


Shelf-life of products is evaluated, based on Long term and Accelerated stability studies, with the help of Humidity control ovens.


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