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Makes Every drop of Energy Count



Makes every drop of energy count


Hydrophilic Nutritional Emulsifier (Glycerol Polyethylene Glycol Ricinolate) on mineral carrier In animal nutrition, fats and oils are major important energy sources. The cost of energy resources plays key factor of profitable animal production. “EnergyMax” is Hydrophilic Nutritional Emulsifier, which create fat in water emulsion, thus improve fat digestibility, improve energy efficiency, reduce feed costs.
Hydrophilic Nutritional Emulsifier
Emulsifier has two different characteristics i.e., water soluble (hydrophilic) part and fat soluble (lipophilic) part. Due to this dual characteristic emulsifier can dissolve in fat as well as water and forms micelles. The hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance (HLB) value of an Emulsifier is most important factor while selecting suitable emulsifier for application. HLB value help to determine whether emulsifier is hydrophilic or lipophilic. The HLB scale ranges is 0 to 20. The lower HLB, more lipophilic emulsifier. The higher HLB, more hydrophilic emulsifier.
Animals consumes more water then feed intake and as result intestine of animal has watery in nature. Hence Hydrophilic emulsifier is suitable for fat digestion. Energy Max have very high HLB value then traditional emulsifier lecithin, lysolecithin etc. as a results emulsifier create stable micelle in animal intestine, as a result fats and oils digestibility increased and leading lower cost of feed stuff and farmer enjoys sustainable profitable animal production.
“EnergyMax” gives good performance in fat digestion especially in young animals where less availability of lipase and bile salt.
With “EnergyMax” we have achieved the HLB value required in poultry gut to achieve maximum absorption fat and fat-soluble vitamins.



Description Emulsifier (GPGR) on Mineral carrier
Chemical Composition : Emulsifier : Min. 15%
  Moisture : Max. 10%
Physical Properties : pH : 6-8
  Particle Size : >80% between
    200pm – 1mm
Inclusion Rate : 350 gm/MT
Storage : Keep in Dry and well ventilated place.
Shelf Life : 2 years from manufacturing date.